Howard likes long walks on the beach, drinking chardonnay with that special someone in front of a cozy fireplace, shearling slippers, and puppy dogs... No, wait a minute, that was supposed to go on his facebook page!

Actually, Howard has almost no redeeming attributes, certainly none worth mentioning other than the fact that he knows how to click a shut-ter. Luckily, he enjoys clicking that shutter because, well, let's just say, it keeps him off the dole.

Have i mentioned that Howard's a hoosier? For those who may not be familiar with the term "hoosier" it originated a long time ago after a bar room brawl in old indiana when someone picked something bloody off the sawdust covered floor and yelled "whose ear?". It stuck and now a hoosier refers to anyone who resides in indiana, be they farmer, convict, or misanthrope. And indiana roads, well, i can tell you that they are very busy, but, I'm sorry to say, mainly with those either passing thru or trying to escape.

Of course, you may hear that Howard was kicked out of his hometown of Chicago for certain "transgressions". I will not speak of this. That's what google is for.

Oddly enough, to this very day there are those who still insist that Howard is a beacon of creativity and a provocateur. Happily, they are all still in jail, and, with any luck, will remain there until we are all dead!